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Thrifty Campervan
Budget Campervan Hire New Zealand

1.5 Litre engine, five seatbelts. Thrifty Campervans

Thrifty campervans provide a comfortable living space for independant travellers. Camper vans have a day sofa which converts to a double bed or two single beds. Our New Zealand campervans include a cabinet, fold down table, double gas cooker, kitchen eating/cooking utensils, water bottle, interior lights, 240 volt power supply (if staying in a camping ground), all weather light, and a tent which fits over the back door The tent provides standing room and protection from the weather when cooking and privacy when changing clothes. You can sleep with the back door open (with tent attached) or closed.

Daytime – Day sofa and kitchen with fold down table.

Evening – Double bed or two single beds, power connection for holiday park, all weather light. Attach the tent to back door for standing room and protection from weather while preparing dinner.

Insurance (included): Standard excess is $3,000
Our insurance policy is very simple; if you have an accident, you are required to pay a maximum of $3,000. This covers single vehicle or multiple vehicle accidents. Credit or debit card bond is required.

Zero Excess (optional):$22 per day or $390 per hire
If you have an accident, you do not have to pay anything. This also covers multiple tyre punctures and one windscreen. No bond is required, and you can drive on both sealed and unsealed roads.

Thrifty Campervan Features:
- 1.5 Litre engine, two seat belts
- Tent fits over back door (provides standing room)
- Curtains
- Day sofa
- Double bed/Single beds
- Interior lights
- 240 volt power connection and weather proof light for holiday park
- Double gas cooker
- Cooking utensils - Fry pan, saucepan, kitchen knife, can opener, fish slice
- Cutlery – Knives, forks, desert spoons, tea spoons, peeler
- Dinnerware – Plates, bowls, cups
- Water bottle